Climate Change

climate change
image source : : Canada, Nunavut Territory, Repulse Bay, Polar Bear Cub (Ursus maritimus) beneath mother while standing on sea ice near Harbour Islands

The climate system is the interaction of five spheres including the atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), cryosphere (ice and permafrost), biosphere (living things), and lithosphere (earth’s crust and upper mantle). The foremost source of energy to the earth is the sun and a minuscule amount came from the earth’s interior. As well, the climatic system gives off energy to outer space. All these incoming and outgoing energies together with the passage of energy determine the earth’s energy budget. Our earth becomes heated as incoming energy from the sun is more than the outgoing energy. On the contrary, it turns cool when outgoing energy is more the incoming energy.

This continuous climatic system creates our daily weather for instance, temperature, precipitation, air humidity, cloudiness, and windiness in the atmosphere. While climate is the average of weather conditions in a particular place over an elongated period.

Climate change is the variations in the earth’s climate system which consequences in new weather forms and that may last for at least a few decades, and maybe for millions of years. Climate change is now affecting adversely every country throughout the entire world. Present-day, climate change is distracting national economies and distressing lives, costing people, communities, and countries extremely. Moreover, it also threatening our tomorrow’s environment and human life.

Weather patterns are fluctuating, sea levels are rising, weather events are becoming more extreme, and frequently occurring. Global warming, floods, droughts, wildfires, salinity intrusions, and other natural calamities can be more severe due to the climate change. Similarly, greenhouse gas emissions are now at their highest levels in history. Deprived of actions, the world’s average surface temperature is probable to surpass 3 degrees centigrade this century. The poorest and developing countries can be most vulnerable to extreme climate change.

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