About Us

Environmental Degradation or Environmental Restoration?

Traditional Economy or Green Economy?

Deforestation or Afforestation?
Pollution or Solution?


Every step of us affects the natural environment, one choice to act can make it possible to sort out all effects. Green Enotes envisions spreading the knowledge of the present world’s Environmental Issues, Sustainability, Green Economy, Green Energy, Bioeconomy, and Sustainable Innovations. It thrilled us to notify you about several environmental issues including Climate Change, Global Warming, Pollution, Loss of Biodiversity, Deforestation, Waste Disposal, etc.

We believe that INTEGRITY is the best way to protect our planet. Green eNotes is a sustainability web platform that aims to assist, inspire, and motivate environmental passionate and enthusiastic youth.


‘Make A Promise to Build a Better Environment With US”

“Let’s show CARE to Our Planet & DRAW Own Future”



Our Pledge

It’s difficult to find out all sustainability content in one frame. We are trying to gather all information in one platform and publish trustworthy content at Green e-Notes. We promise to provide-


  • Transparency in Reports.
  • Authentic, and Legit Contents.
  • No to Greenwashing.
  • Eco Inspiration.


  • Ready to Listen, Welcome…….


“We are compassionate to raise awareness among people about preserving our environment and improving the quality of life on the Planet.”